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The story of the Tuesday Market

In 2005, Tuesday talks were started in a private house by Sylvan Cohen, then in August 2006 moved to the Panamonte Hotel, when Dianne Heidke took over.
Around the end of 2007, the talks moved to the Fundadores Hotel along with the beginnings of the Tuesday Market, which was started by Irene’s Books, which have since become part of the Handicap Foundation.

In 2009 Anayansi Menendez, owner of the Oasis Hotel, who was on the BCP Council at the time, offered an unused for many years, run-down building on her property, for lease. With dozens of Volunteer hands and many, many donations of money, time, equipment, and talent the BCP Theater and Centro de Eventos was created. BCP leased the area from Anayansi with a long term agreement. This included the Hex room which BCP sublet as a cafe.

Also in 2009 the talks and market moved over to the new BCP building, and everything came together, The Tuesday Market, Tuesday Talks and BCP Theater were all together in what was to be their home for more than 10 years.

Over the years the market grew to the extent that there were around 40 vendors, which meant that many were outside, braving the unpredictable weather. When there was wind it made the outside areas very uncomfortable, when there was rain, apart from the obvious problem the water ran down the slopes on to the patio. BCP put a lot of effort into adding drainage to alleviate that, but some problems remained.

Then 2020 happened and brought with it many unexpected changes!
First, BCP was told towards the end of February that the property would no longer be leased to BCP, but rather to TapOut, who could sublet the theater to BCP.
After discussions with TapOut it became clear that it would not be viable for the market to continue in its current form, so the board of BCP agreed that we would seek alternatives.

Two weeks later, Covid-19 hit and everything came to an abrupt halt, but during the coming months we were able to come to an agreement with the management of the Feria to use the Arco Iris Salon as a market venue. This was a major step forward as it would allow expansion of the market with the advantages that all vendors would be under one roof and on one level, an open space gave visibility to all the vendors, and visitors would enjoy easy movement and much better bathroom facilities than ever before.

Of course there were still hurdles: Health regulations meant that the market could not open immediately, but through constant contact with MINSA we were allowed to be the first market to re-open at the end of September, first with a limit of 25 vendors, but when MINSA saw how well the safety measures were being handled, the following week we were allowed to double that.
Those restrictions have now been lifted and the market is proving very successful, with typically over 400 visitors during the morning.